Saturday, February 2, 2013


With Bernice Saliba a young energetic blogger....

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1)      How is the best way to describe yourself?
Thoughtful, objective, emotional, honest

2)      Why do you write?
To vent out my feelings, emotions, thoughts. To try and make sense of a situation.

3)      What is the Goal of a writer?
Express his opinions with the general public

4)      What is your Goal as a writer?
Express myself in order to be understood and to bring a certain degree of objectivity from which people will hopefully hopefully write something remarkable.

5)      What inspires your writing?
My feelings and observations, music.

6)      How would you like to spend a typical day when coming to writing?
I don’t spend days writing, mostly a few minutes whenever I need to

7)      How does your writing come out?
I believe that, that is a matter of subjectivity.

8)      What are your interest your favorite subjects you like to write about?
Love, life, politics, social concepts.

9)      Who inspires your writing and your will to write?
My will to write comes from myself, what I feel usually inspires me. I admire Paulo Coehlo, but in a way think that one shouldn’t idolise someone to much, everyone is human after all