Tuesday, May 1, 2012

9 Parts of Desire

In the play 9 Parts of Desire by Heather Raffo that I saw in the St James Cavalier theatre an experimental circle theater 3 main points hit me. The deformity of babies that are present in the South of Iraq babies that are born deformed by the so called in Italian “Uranium ipoverito” that comes possible from the missiles of the war that occurred that the doctor talks about. The idea that Saddam Hussein could be removed before and aid was not given by the Americans such as the last war in Libya as the communist were butchered together with those against the Saddam Hussein regime and the last point is Saddam Hussein kept Iraq such like a female that is abused physically, psychologically and spiritually. So in the last the reflection is what can we do we normal people in these circumstances of war, people dying of hunger and dictators we common people what can we do. 

At the first time I saw the play I thought it was nothing special but know I think it deserves to be analysed by these three points that I mainly believe are true realities.